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Yoga Therapy session 1hr


Yoga Therapy provides individually tailored interventions to assist with the healing and the relief from suffering. 

So in a nutshell WHAT IS Yoga Therapy.......It is about you and I designing a 20 minute practice that includes all of the yoga "tools" to help you feel healthier and happier....You then take the practice sheet home with you and do it at home DAILY (hopefully in addition to your weekly yoga class).

It costs $80 for a 1 hour session where I am totally devoted to the process of your yoga practice and not only will we have fun but you will walk away with something that is all about you and your movement forward. Increase your flexibility, strength, resilience and motivation by practicing your personalised 20 minute daily yoga medicine. It's totally up to you, return in 3 weeks time for a tune up of the practice or stay with it for as long as you choose. The most important thing is that you do the practice DAILY.

What sort of tools you may ask??? well here are just a few..

# I can record a meditation for you that will be directed towards your needs.

# I can research and provide you with postures that will alleviate discomfort and tightness.

# I can suggest standing postures to increase fitness and resilience using small weights.

# You could learn how to use physio bands to increase flexibility and mobility.

# Chair yoga can be used for subtle and powerful twists and strengthening postures.

Contact me to find out more.

Love Karen.

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